How to play?

Battle City Tank

DESCRIPTION: One of the '90s games have become classics , Battle Tank ready to flash version in Tank-trouble-Unblocked.Fight protect your stronghold , the explosion must shoot other tanks before they destroy your castle . In this missions you will be expected to protect your territory at all costs from invading battalions. You have to drive your tank around and try to shoot explosive barrels and take out all targets. The game will end when the base is destroyed or you run out of lives. On Tiny Pl you can play a lot of game. Run 3 Unblocked is very good game on my site.
INSTRUCTIONS: Use the " F " key to login to the main menu . To change the selection , use the " F " again . We started the game with the " H " key . One player uses " W , A, S , D " and " J " keys . 2 players using the " Arrow " and " CTRL " key to play .